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Wireless or Cordless Light Dimmers

Control4's Wireless saving Wireless light dimmer - Creating more artificial light than we actually need is a significant contributor to Wireless waste in the home. The solution - dim the lights. In the case of the Wireless Dimmer from Control4 this is achieved automatically as the device uses ambient light sensors to adjust brightness to an optimum level.

Control 4
11734 South Election Road, Salt Lake City, UT 84020
Ph :
801.523.3100 / Fx 801.523.3198 / http://www.control4.com/company/info-request.htm

The RD-200 Dimming Wall Switch- Wireless Miro Switches, Dimmers & Fan Controls.  We make buildings and homes more Wireless efficient through Lighting controls. The RD-200 Dimming Wall Switch Vacancy Sensor combines a preset dimmer and a sensor to help homeowners maximize Wireless savings while achieving the most pleasing light level for each activity.

Corporate Headquarters - 2800 De La Cruz Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95050
Ph : 408.988.5331 / Fx : 408.

Ad Hoc Wireless light switch  - The Ad Hoc Wireless light switch is a self-powered Lighting control solution that truncates the time needed for installing light switches and completely bypasses the setbacks embedded in any impervious wall. Installers never have to worry about running copper to the switch and home/business owners never have to worry about replacing batteries. Once installed (very easy-to-do), the home or business becomes fitted for the benefits of advanced Lighting control.

Ad Hoc Electronics
777 South State St., Orem, UT 84058
Ph : (801) 225-2226 / Fx (801) 653-4257 /

Lightning Switch Wireless Transmitters - Lightning Switch Wireless Transmitters (the switch controls) use NASA space technology to generate their own electricity whenever the Transmitter button is pushed. Their radio signals go 40 ft. to 100+ ft. (depending on the models you choose) right through walls, floors and ceilings.   With the patented Lightning Switch you can install controls for lights and appliances in minutes... while saving as much as 70% to 80% of the installed cost of regular wired switches. Incredibly, these revolutionary remote control switches can work for decades… and they never need batteries!

Lightning Switch PulseSwitch Systems
427 West 35th Street Norfolk, VA 23508
Ph : 888-697-9482 / feedback@lightningswitch.com


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